Who is Tante Ines?

Bandeau Tante ines

Tante Ines is a young French brand of lighting design for children and for the home.

Tante Ines' product ranges

Tante Ines offers three product ranges:

- Table lamps and ceiling lights for children in bright colors and geometric or animal motifs
- Table lamps and ceiling lights for home with geometric or floral patterns,
- Custom lighting with fabric sent by clients.

Tante Ines offers colorful and elegant cylindrical lighting, produced in small series and aims to continually renew its range by proposing new models regularly

Tante Ines' lighting

Tante Ines designs and manufactures:

- Cylinder table lamps,
- Nightlights for children,
- Drum lampshades and pendant shades.

Luminaires Tante Ines

Made in France lighting

Tante Ines gives priority to components from the French industry by providing for rebars and electrical components from French manufacturers.

Tante Ines' lighting are made of fabric glued on polyphane mounted on metal frames covered with white epoxy fabric.

For fabrics, Tante Ines selects them from the latest collections of major U.S. manufacturers, European or Asian.

Tante Ines takes great care in choosing fabrics and do not hesitate to devote much of his budget on it, since it is his strongest differentiating element.

Luminaires "Fabrication française"

Evolving lighting for children

Our baby nightlights become conventional lamps by simply changing the bulb and vice-versa... So you can be sure to order a durable product that will be a beautiful decorative and a functional object for many years.

Indeed, our nightlights for children are sold with an LED bulb very low power (0.4 watts) which diffuses a soft mood light to reassure your child during the night. Once your child no longer needs it, you can replace the bulb provided by a conventional bulb higher power, to turn your night in bedside or desk lamp.

Similarly, you want to make a gift of birth? Offer a pilot! Parents can use your gift as a table lamp in the first place. Then, when their child will need a pilot, they could use the bulb provided to turn your gift in pilot. Indeed, babies do not express concern in the dark for their first month.

Luminaires évolutifs pour enfants

Tante Ines' philosophy

Without being totally philanthropic Tante Ines' main aim is to design and propose fabrics lighting that appeal its designers and out of the ordinary.

Tante Ines appreciates well done job, respected deadlines and likes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Aware that interior decoration is an indispensable luxury Tante Ines makes a point of honor to charge reasonable prices and to develop products and services "sustainable". Thus was born the idea of scalable pilot (the same product becomes light or pilot by simply changing the bulb)!

Tante Ines is a challenge for its designers and the opportunity to experience all aspects of a creative activity and an adventure into the world of e-commerce.

Philosophie de Tante Ines

Tante Ines' adventure

Since its creation in January 2013, Tante Ines has created a beautiful collection of lighting fixtures, developped a website and will not stop in so good way.

Recently, the Canal + channel, House +, has brought to light one of Tante Ines creation in his show “contrepaqué”.

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If you are distributors or retailers and want to sell our lights, please contact us at contact@tante-ines.com.

Parcours de Tante Ines